Florida Green Building Coalition Reaches New Highs for Certifications

Congratulations to the Florida Green Building Coalition for attaining new highs, annual and statewide certifications for sustainable homes!  I’m proud to be a member of the Board of Directors of this fine organization!

FGBC Certifications Set New Record

Home Certifications Soar

The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), a membership-based non-profit organization that promotes sustainable building, development and business practices, announced that “Florida Green” home certifications for 2011 hit 750 for the year yesterday, setting a new annual all-time high. The previous annual record was 749 set in 2007. This brings the total number of FGBC home certifications to 3,651 since the program began in 2002, making it the leading certification program in the state.

FGBC Executive Director, Suzanne Cook, stated: “Reaching this achievement so early in the year indicates that green certifications are proving their value to both builders and consumers. The reduced costs of home operation (energy and water efficiencies), plus the durability and health benefits are driving forces for home sales.”

FGBC Certifying Agent Randy Conn, on behalf of Premier Construction in Tallahassee, submitted the home application that took FGBC certifications to a new high. The home submitted was a 2,005 square foot contract home in Southwood that achieved the FGBC gold-level certification with a score of 168. The home was Energy Star qualified with a HERS Index of 68. Other features of the home included:

The large lot used Florida-Friendly landscaping and maintained 20 percent as natural green area:

High efficiency water saving features and controller integrated into irrigation system

Water saving faucets, shower heads, and tankless water heater

Greenguard carpets, recycled cellulose insulation, low VOC interior paints, and field finished wood floors

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