Greening Your Back to School Routine!

As children and grand-children will soon be returning to school..are you ready with your back-to-school strategies? Here are three tips to make your child’s year more sustainable.

1. Pack waste-free lunches: That means sending a washable cloth, not a paper napkin. It also means buying food in bulk and measuring out your own quantities, and sending snacks in reusable containers, rather than relying on disposable drink and snack packs.

2. Pick PVC-free gear: Avoid the chemicals that can off-gas from PVC supplies. Click here for ways to spot art supplies, backpacks, notebooks, binders, and so forth that contain PVC.

3. Green your school: Make your school more sustainable. For information and ideas, see the Green Schools Initiative, a group that aims to transform the school environment. It offers more ideas in its “7 Steps to a Green School”.

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