The World As It Could Be Project

The World as It Could Be Project was started by the non-profit Rex Foundation as a fund-raising project.   One of the Northeast’s premier music and arts festivals, the 16th annual (Rex Foundation) Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival will be held in Bridgeport, Ct. July 21-24, 2011.

Photo: Henry Sidle

My young friend, Henry Sidle, learned about the Rex Foundation because of his love of music, particularly that of the Grateful Dead.  In April, having heard about the Foundation’s recent release of “The Wheel-A Musical Celebration of Jerry Garcia,” 12-year old Henry checked out the Rex website and learned that Rex was started by the Grateful Dead.  He then decided to approach the Rex Foundation to see if he could help raise funds and visibility for Rex as the community service component of his Bar Mitzvah project, suggesting, as one idea, doing something at Gathering of the Vibes, a favorite destination.

Henry was approached by the foundation after they learned of his fund-raising project and viewing his video and was asked to perform at this year’s Gathering of the Vibes Festival on Saturday, July 23.  Please help promote Henry’s video on YouTube by giving him a “thumbs up” (Like).  He is attempting to reach 1000 “Thumbs Up” in time for the festival. His video has had 657 views…he is getting closer.   Henry’s video is not only beautiful, it is thought-provoking and inspirational to experience a 12 year old’s concerns about the future.  I sure wish I could be at the concert to experience Henry’s début into the musical world! I have no doubt Henry will follow his heart and will  end up involved in Mother Earth’s well-being as part of his life’s journey.  Enjoy the video and then share with your friends…




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