Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is the day FPL arrived to install a remote device to be able to turn off my A/C unit for up to 3 hours a day during peak hours of electric usage from April to October.  There are other options like 15 minutes of every hour, but I decided to see how the 3 hour program will work.  As I am not here for most of the day this should not affect me very much.  I will receive a $9/month credit April-October and $4/month November – March on my electric bill and will be doing my part to help reduce energy usage and thereby reducing or eliminating need for brown-outs.  There was also an incentive for the water heater but after I told the contractor I only heat the water every 2 or 3 days since I don’t take hot showers he told me I would save more by continuing my practice of turning it off at the breaker panel.   I plan to keep track of my energy usage and see how this program has affected my usage as well as my bills.

I accidentally found this “on call” program on the Florida Power and Light (FPL) website when I was searching for available rebates.  It has been in existence for a while but apparently not publicized much lately.  Be sure to check your  local utility company’s website for rebates and incentives.  The complete “On Call” program can save up to $137/year!  Just one small sacrifice may help others and provide you some benefits as well.

Anything you would like to comment on or add?

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