Monsanto in the news again!

Monsanto’s Round-up is in the news again.  If you use Round-up and believe it is the best thing since sliced bread please read this Reuters article about Monsanto and Round-up.  The main ingredient, glyphosate, has come under attack in many forms, one being a number of lawsuits.  Millions Against Monsanto is a non-profit group spreading the word about the health and environmental dangers of this chemical used for GMO produce found in our stores as well as the poisoning of our waters.  Learn more about the dangers to you in this Reuters news article…

3 thoughts on “Monsanto in the news again!

  1. That’s a great link Gail! I was surprised to read about several well known seed companies that have not signed a safe seed pledge. The author is absolutely correct, “you can’t make Round-Up and then turn around and profess to help the environment with GMO seeds.” I would definitely call Monsanto’s marketing a perfect example of “green-washing” !


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