North Florida’s newest fruit crop!

University of Florida’s St. Johns County Extension Center is experimenting with what could be our newest fruit crop – peaches!  My childhood memories of going to visit my great-aunt and uncle in SC and picking peaches in the orchard are some of my favorite memories.  And the flavor of those peaches have never been matched by any others until this past week when I had the opportunity to try one of our locally grown peaches!  One bite and I was immediately taken back to my childhood and those fabulous peaches!  I should stop with my ranting but these peaches were unbelievable!  I hope to be able to buy a peach tree and get it planted in my yard so I can have my own crop.  Who would have thought we could grow peaches here in Florida?

2 thoughts on “North Florida’s newest fruit crop!

  1. Now that citrus greening has been found in St. Johns Co. and Putnam Co., area grove owners will be looking for an alternative crop that will replace citrus. Store fruits (peaches, plums and nectarines) are something that homeonwers and commercial operators alike should consider. When buying stone fruits, be sure to purchase varieties that are adapted to your climate! For more information, please contact your local county extension office.

    Joe Sewards


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