Why is Green Building suddenly such a big deal?

Those old enough to remember the push for solar energy in the 70’s may remember how those efforts fizzled when fuel prices declined.  Thus began the era of new construction without concern for energy savings.  Now thirty some years later we find ourselves with the same energy challenge precipitated by increasing fuel prices.

This GreenBuilding Advisor article offers a well-rounded explanation about the evolution of green building during the last thirty years.  Read why Green Building is suddenly such a big deal and watch the video…

Source:  The GreenBuilding Advisor

One thought on “Why is Green Building suddenly such a big deal?

  1. I remember the last fuel crisis and all that we did to “save” energy and, specifically, gasoline. What we learned didn’t last very long. Now that we are facing the economic pressures, we act. That’s Americans! Don’t be pro-active, wait until it’s too late or, someone starts reaching deeper into our pockets.
    Sorry to sound so cynical. The same philosophy holds true with water resources.


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