Homeowner Defeats HOA Rejections

I know this week was supposed to be about green construction, but I have to interject some good news.  My friend, Jules, who tore up his front yard to create a Florida Friendly and drought tolerant yard, had his design plans for a drought tolerant yard denied by the HOA Board of Directors.

Jules read my blogs and asked me lots of questions before pursuing his drought tolerant yard.  After beginning his project about 4 months ago  he received a certified letter denying his request and offered him time before the Board at the next HOA Board of Directors meeting ( several months ago) to appeal the Board’s decision.  I attended the meeting to support Jules in his quest.  The Board was unable to provide answers to my questions and promised to get back  to him shortly with a decision.  After a couple months with no response, Jules moved forward with his front yard plans.

Jules’ plans included a Florida Friendly Yards certification.  The University of Florida Extension folks arrived yesterday to check Jules’ yard and awarded him a gold certification for the transformation of his yard.  Unfortunately they were not able to give him the gold “seal” as his yard was the first one certified gold and they did not have the gold standard “placards”.

Ironically Jules also received a letter from the HOA Board of Directors yesterday denying his second request for his yard plans replying “only a Florida Friendly “Gold” certified yard” would be acceptable. Kudos to Jules for pursuing his drought tolerant yard and attaining the Florida Friendly Yards Gold level!!

Moral of this story:  Keep at it, the HOA Board of Directors can be shown the ways of Florida Friendly Yards.

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