Dealing with Storm Water

I seem to have several areas in my yard which collect water – some with a lot of water and some with much less.  I have read quite a bit about designing and dealing with different needs for each area before I begin my project.  The first step is to identify what type of control each area would work best and if the look is what you like for your yard.  This Old House has a great slide show  illustrating different solutions and links to the instructions.  I love the look of rain-gardens and dry river beds!  I hope to create a dry river bed in the front yard and 2 rain gardens in the back …I’ll post pictures when I get these projects done. Learn more about rain-gardens, swales and other storm water management techniques for your yard…. 

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Storm Water

  1. Joe – thanks to the recent Tour de Farm I did see a large cistern system at the Hastings location. I hope to see the other systems tomorrow when I head out there for the Energy Efficiency and Retrofitting seminar!


  2. Jeannette,
    You should see the various ways that we have eliminated stormwater runoff, entirely, at the St. Johns Co. Wind Mitigation and Resource Conservation Building. 840 gallon cistern system, rain gardens, permeable pavements, etc.


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