Should you change the color of your home’s hat?

We seem to know that wearing light-colored clothing in hotter months can make us more comfortable yet for years most of us have ignored that fact when choosing house and roof colors.  I am amazed when I drive through different neighborhoods showing property and see so many dark and black roofs.

For a number of years building and interior designers offered “home packages” with color options selected for a certain overall look without any thought of the additional expense to the homeowner for utility costs of keeping a “dark hat and clothing” on that home.   Fortunately many architects and interior designers have placed more emphasis on the homeowner’s bottom line.  These hidden costs of home ownership can certainly create financial problems for unaware home buyers.   Even if it isn’t time to replace your roof there are still options available to make your existing roof more reflective or lighter.

Learn more about the value of lighter color roofs and products available to increase the reflectivity of your existing roof in Amanda Kimber-Evans article in Mother Earth News….

Source: Mother Earth News

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