Harvesting Rainwater

I started collecting rainwater in barrels a couple years ago after attending a DIY rain barrel class at my local UF Extension Center.  I am now working on a “system” of connecting several barrels in an area that seems to produce more run-off than other areas of my house and adding a drip irrigation hose.  My friend Jules, who has been diligently converting his yard to a Florida Friendly yard called to tell me he just installed his first rain barrel…something I love to hear!

Diverting rainwater from your roof into rain barrels is a great way to re-use water which would otherwise just drain into the ground.  Although Carol Steinfield’s article from Natural Home magazine offers instructions for a DIY rain barrel there is a wealth of information including links to some great suppliers of garden products!  I picked up a few tips which I will be incorporating into my existing system.  Join Jules in reading this article about rain barrels, find answers to questions or learn how to make your own rain barrel and begin your own rainwater harvesting…

Credits: Carol Steinfield, Natural Home

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