15 Ways to Eat More Local Food

As we approach the weekend I am making plans to participate in Sunday’s local Tour de Farm which will include herb, fruit, produce farms, goat farm, hydroponic farm, a community garden and an edible landscape designed by a graduate landscape architect and a group of local master gardeners.   This event is part of the national “Slow Food” movement, which I learned about from my local UF Extension Center friend, Joe Sewards.  It is a great organization with local chapters all over the US.  I was happy to learn about Slow Food and this wonderful tour on Sunday sponsored by many local businesses.  Look for pictures on Sunday or Monday.

One of the 15 tips in this DailyGreen.com article is to cook one local meal a week.  I started this routine last year when “Locavore” research for my seminar necessitated more knowledge about the subject.  It has been a very educational and delicious journey!  I now use local foods almost daily, including what I harvest from my own little garden.   Enjoy more tips in your quest to eat more local food…

Credits: SlowFood.org, SlowFoodFirstCoast.com, TheDailyGreen.com

2 thoughts on “15 Ways to Eat More Local Food

    1. Glad to plug such a great event! I stopped by several bed and breakfasts in the last couple days and all of them mentioned the postcards and booklets that had been dropped off. The innkeepers thought Tour de Farm was a great idea and planned on mentioning it to their guests this weekend. There should be a good turn-out on Sunday!


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