Confusion about “Green” marketing claims

Are you one to be “taken in” by green marketing claims?   An on-going study of people supporting “Green” companies and products shows many Americans are mislead by “eco-friendly” claims  and their perception of the green terms used in marketing various products.  Many rely on a “certification badge” even if that certification was fabricated by the company to market a product.  As more and more companies realize the potential of marketing green products it becomes more difficult for the consumer to sort out the “real” from the “fake” green products.  The US government is working on standards to be published as Green Guides, yet until that publication is finalized companies are able to advertise their “eco-friendly”, “green” or “sustainable” products the best marketing way possible.    See the chart and read the article from The Environmental Leader about the reality of green advertising….

One thought on “Confusion about “Green” marketing claims

  1. I see this all the time in the grocery stores. It is important to read the label. I was choosing an automatic dishwasher detergent and saw a national brand labeled as “eco-friendly.” I read the label and compared it to the store brand that wasn’t labeled as such. The ingredients were identical. Buyer beware!


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