Celebrate the other “Green” holiday!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  From the Earth Day Network, here is an explanation for the reason we wear green and how to promote the other “Green” holiday leading up to Earth Day .

“Whether or not you’re Irish or Catholic, St. Patrick’s Day has become an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family and is, for many, the highlight of March.    But who is Saint Patrick, and how did he come to have an entire day devoted to him?  Saint Patrick was a bishop who traveled across Ireland, performing ministry services and teaching religious ideology.  So, come the 17th, people will dress up in their best green attire to commemorate the life and service of Saint Patrick.

But let’s not forget the other “green” holiday, Earth Day, which is about more than just wearing green. Why not combine Earth Day and St. Patrick’s Day to have a more sustainable holiday?  Why not use public transportation, ride a bike, or carpool with a friend to your St. Patty’s Day party?  If you are hosting a party, forego the paper plates and plastic cups in favor of reusable tableware? While you’re at it, why not use all local, organic ingredients for your food and drink?  And don’t forget to take time out from dancing your Irish jig to recycle your plastic and glass bottles!  After all, the small efforts add up to a large difference!

With Earth Day just around the corner, get a head start and pledge on March 17 to follow a greener lifestyle. You never know, St. Patrick’s Day might just become known as The Other “Green” Holiday.”

Credits: Photo and Article: Earth Day Network

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