Water for everyone?

Eco Fact:  2.5 gallons: The amount of water per person allocated in many parts of the world per day.  400 gallons: The amount of water per person used by the average American citizen.  30 % of this is used for outdoor purposes, such as lawns, gardens and swimming pools.

If this fact causes you to think about your own water usage and what you can do to reduce your consumption, congratulations on your desire to help conserve one of our most valuable natural resources.  A small and easy step is faucet aerators in your kitchen and bathrooms.  If you would like to take a bigger step plan on replacing plumbing fixtures with low flow brands and replacing an old 3.0 GPF commode with a new low flow flush model or a dual flush commode for even more water conservation.  Small steps for future generations.

Wikipedia has a very informative article on water conservation in the social, residential and commercial environments.  Read what different segments are doing to conserve water now and future plans….

Photo credit: Wikipedia

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