Energy Savings for US through Utility Companies

On a recent trip to the Phoenix, Arizona area, I tried to be cognizant of as many energy savings methods used in that area of the country.  Arizona obviously has abundances in areas that Florida has less and vice versa.  Regardless, all States are working towards conserving as much of their natural resources and reducing their dependency on fossil fuels.   Almost every State has mandated watering restrictions for landscapes, but few have gone beyond this restriction.  As far as electric consumption, I have not found any restrictions or incentives in my area, although some of the more western States are implementing programs.Phoenix, AZ residents are offered “incentives”  for energy savings through higher utility rates during peak hours of the day.  For example those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint (or wanting to save money) would do laundry or run the dishwasher between 7 PM and 7 AM or on weekends.   Until this trip I had not really thought about when to do laundry or run the dishwasher.  I would normally do my chores in early morning or weekends, but now that I am more aware I will try to schedule it for off-peak hours even though there is no monetary incentive for me.  This is a wonderful way you can help reduce your carbon footprint, so please consider the time you plan some of your household chores and rearrange to off-peak times  Also, contact your local utility company and suggest they offer off-peak and peak rates as an incentive to their customers and to reduce their carbon footprint.  Wouldn’t it be great if enough voices were heard and utility companies everywhere would be “eco-responsible”?

One thought on “Energy Savings for US through Utility Companies

  1. It should be the responsibility of each and every person to save energy and resources. Of course, utility companies can provide energy-saving services to reduce carbon footprint. Everyone should be mindful of use of energy by planning their activities. Nice post.
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