DIY Attic Insulation

If you are concerned about not enough insulation in your attic and you would like to add more yourself, it is an easy job for the homeowner.  Of course the correct installation is important…paper side up or down?  I thought the  correct way was the same whether you live in an area where you use more heat than A/C or vice versa.  I discovered I did not understand the difference.  To learn how to install insulation correctly, watch this video from This Old House or read the instructions accompanying the video.

Source: This Old House

One thought on “DIY Attic Insulation

  1. Having the know-how in insulating attics really saves money and energy. If attics are insulated properly, the warmth will stay inside the house comfortably, and the electric bill will be at its minimum. However, knowing how to install the products is vital to avoid other problems, like fires in the attic or blinking lights.
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