Formaldehyde in your artificial sweetener?

I have never been a fan of artificial sweeteners, especially those in little pink, yellow and blue packets, which are typically a mixture with aspartame as the main component.  Apparently FDA does not require warnings on labels when aspartame is mixed with another chemical to become neotame, which is now appearing in a list of ingredients.  Unfortunately, the other chemical mixed with aspartame is considered highly flammable and a skin, eye and respiratory irritant.  As the neotame breaks down, one of the bi-products your body creates is formaldehyde which we all recognize as toxic.  Even though you are not eating sugar per se, aspartame is raising your insulin level, which counteracts your attempts to lose weight by making you feel hungry, crave sweets and encourages your body to store fat.

For my family, friends and readers who love their pink, yellow and blue sweetener packets, diet sodas and “no fat” baked goods, please read Dr. Mercola’s article and understand how the FDA still allows these products to be sold.


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