The Clean 15: Foods You Don’t Have To Buy Organic

In this current economy most of us are watching our pennies and buying all organic may seem out of reach.   There are some fruits and vegetables that can be purchased which receive very low, if any, pesticide spraying.   Logically, I thought “thick skin” indicated a “safer” fruit or veggie, but I was wrong.  Read this article to learn about some of the “safer” fruits and veggies to buy that are not organic.

Source: New Green Cuisine from TheDailyGreen

2 thoughts on “The Clean 15: Foods You Don’t Have To Buy Organic

  1. I agree with some of the comments that “even if you peel it, you should still buy organic”. I think it depends when the pesticides are applied and I’d bet it’s when the plants are very young or very thin skinned. I’m sticking with organic.


    1. Oh, I definitely agree organic is the best way to go for all your produce, yet there are those who cannot afford to purchase only organic and knowing there is some “safer” produce that can be purchased through traditional growing methods helps those folks make a transition to healthier foods. Not everyone is “sold” on organic and many still feel it is just higher priced produce. Think about it…if you buy organic produce and serve it with meat that is not grass fed that could carry MRSA45…are you doing yourself any good or does this just balance out the “bad” stuff? Or what if you are using chlorine bleach to wash your laundry or clean your bathrooms…does the organic produce matter? This can be taken to all levels and I certainly don’t know the answers..I think it is all about awareness and I applaud even the smallest steps to healthier eating and living. Once someone steps on the path hopefully it leads to more knowledge, awareness and better choices.


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