BPA for Babies…House and Senate defeat the ban!

The New York Times recently published an article about the Senate and House bill banning the use of BPA in baby bottles, food and soda cans, plastic utensils and so on.   Click here for the link to an article with more detail about the bill that was defeated and the health risks associated with BPA.

I can understand this bill not passing as the Senate and House are congested with unending bills to vote on, especially as our population grows and, with it, more issues.  Most representatives prioritize the issues and everyone has their own priorities (agenda), hence long debates.  It’s hard enough getting a dozen people to agree on an issue let alone hundreds of people voicing their opinions!  Perhaps the House and Senate are not the best venue for dealing with our health and environmental issues and we need a bipartisan “committee of citizens” to look into these “lower priority” environmental issues and draft recommendations?

Yesterday my post addressed recycling some more unusual items not currently picked up by many of our regular recycling companies.  When looking at the plastics not accepted I wonder why?  Are they too hard to break down or do they contain toxins that would be harmful to be made into another object as is so fashionable now?

Although animal testing was utilized for numerous studies there are many conclusions that can be drawn from the research and to me – make sense.  Are the incidences of ADA and other behavioral and physical problems in children occurring more often or are we becoming more aware of these problems through research?

Every day I hear people attribute their maladies to growing older.  Is it really growing older or  possibly an accumulation of chemicals and toxins ingested through one’s daily routine – whether food, drink, cosmetics, smoking, by-products of a work or home environment – that our bodies are not able to excrete during a normal day that just keep building up in our bodies until erupting in some sort of medical malady?

Those of us who are becoming more aware of our environment and sustainability of our natural resources find these issues very important but we are still a minority.  We may not be able to readily get legislation passed to improve our health and environment yet we can help by supporting those companies that have eliminated many of the unsafe chemicals like BPA used in production of containers and making others aware of potential hazards!

Well I’m off to the Farmer’s Market with my large bag of plastics not accepted by my local waste service and for some unfamiliar local produce that I am now learning how to prepare and enjoy!  I plan to ask the private recycle vendor his thoughts on the plastics not now accepted.

One person spreading the word…hopefully it makes you think about it!

Sources: NY Times, Mercola.com




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