Passive houses…what are they?

My nephew is just starting to ready the land and build their dream home in the hills of PA.  I know he is concerned about constructing an energy-efficient house. One option is a passive house.  Sara Brown does a good job in this article with the history of the passive house, the basic concepts and the benefits including better indoor air quality.  The article is aimed towards remodel and new construction offering some valuable information.  I did not realize the passive house was a relatively new concept developed in 1996.  Read more…

2 thoughts on “Passive houses…what are they?

    1. Yes, Gail, unfortunately you are right about the complete demolition of the old house. The project was begin in early 2009 and the builder probably felt more pressure to build a passive house that to salvage many of the components of the original house or recycle the waste. That is not mentioned in this article as it is focused on the passive house itself. Hopefully the builder did separate the materials from demolition and recycle salvageable materials. We have stores in our area that are operated by local Habitat for Humanity chapters (ours is Habijax) that sells these usable items from remodels and excess from new build projects. I can only hope builders all over the country are becoming more aware of their options for construction debris.


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