My green roots…

Whoa, I would have to go back to my childhood when I think about my green roots.  As a child my mother would take me to the store with her to buy groceries for dinner, which is how I first became aware of different things mixing together to make something I would enjoy eating.  We would go the the store and my mother would read ingredients to me. If she could not pronounce them, she would say “I don’t like these things they put into the meats and chickens.  One day THEY are going to discover those things cause bad illnesses.”  Now mind you, here is is woman who came to the US after WWII as a new bride and could not speak much English.  No matter what your thoughts are about religion or anything else, we all experience life as a journey and only WE have the ability to change our path.

I wonder if this had anything to do with the fact that when we all went to dinner on Sunday, if we went out, I always struggled with my choice for dinner?  Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA in era of “Steel Town”, there were not a lot of offshore fish offered on any menus.  Germans pretty much eat potatoes and spaetzle, which is a pasta I think?  I can’t really say because I really dislike spaetzle and I have never been very fond of German food other than their beers…but I’m getting ahead because, as a child, you cannot drink anyway!

I have this habit of digressing, but I will admit I like writing while I am relaxing in one of my outdoor rooms…more on this later, which means there is “more to the story”.

I’m trying to stay focused on my green journey, but honestly, there are so many digressions “out there” which, if we pay attention, lead us to select the right path at a certain time in our lives.  It all depends on how well we know ourselves.

Anything you would like to comment on or add?

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